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Dave Major is living the dream, doing what he loves; supporting a family and running his own business with professional employees. Dave has over 22 years experience in all types of various landscaping jobs and expects to have over 23 years more at least.

Dave has created a good name for himslef over the years by always honouring his personal and professional guarantees, working extremely hard and caring a lot more. He has utilized his artistic skills and vast knowledge of landscaping techniques to create numerous designs for flower beds, patios, walkways, retaining walls and much more. No job is too big or too small for Dave and his company Major Landscaping. Whatever the job, Dave takes great pride in his work and makes sure he does everything right and the customer is happy.

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Major Landscaping in Orleans, Ontario

A Little More About Dave:

Since Dave Major was twelve years old he was an entrepreneur at heart. He started his first little enterprise at this age by drawing his own flyer of a guy pushing a lawn mower, walking a dog and watering plants all at the same time.

When Dave was finished passing out as many flyers as he could in his old Orleans neighbourhood the calls came quickly. Every person who called loved his flyer and thought it was pretty funny seeing one guy doing all of these jobs at the same time and was impressed with how such a young person was able to come up with such a nice drawing and professional sounding script. Soon, people were trusting Dave with the keys to their family homes to perform many duties like watering their plants while on vacation, attending their pets or to cut their lawns. After a few years Dave landed a landscaping job with a local well known company and loved it so much he stayed on for ten years gaining a ton of experience before starting his own company.

Dave loves vintage vehicles so he decided to purchase an old half ton Fargo truck, his uncle Harry donated some old tools and a wheelbarrow (which he still uses over ten years later) and started to acquire jobs by word of mouth.

Over the last ten years Dave has made a darn good name for himslef and nowadays keeps busy on a constant basis performing jobs with his crew of professional landscapers. Major Landscaping has completed a great many jobs ranging from small to very large residential and commercial jobs to enormous jobs for our local schools. A lot of people would consider you lucky by getting Dave to perform your landscaping needs.

While Dave plans on continuing to do landscaping jobs in the years to come, please come back here soon for the grand opening announcement of Dave's new nursery in Orleans!


About Dave Major in Orleans

Forming relationships built on trust and respect, you can be sure Dave will do the work you hired him to do in a professional and skilled manner.